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Re: Early Twentieth Century FFL in Pith Helmets

Hi Bob ! See Osprey MAA 325 "French Foreign Legion 1914-1945", picture C1 and page 8. At the Dardanelles, the légionnaires (detached from 1er and 2e Régiments étrangers) formed the 3rd battalion of the "1er Régiment de marche d'Afrique" (lieutenant-colonel Niéger), itself part of the (French) 156e Division (gen. Bailloud). They arrived in Gallipoli on 27 april 1915 and had to endure very hard fighting. In fact, I think that representing these légionnaires at Gallipoli is the true thema of that Strelets box (and not, as so often, FFL vs Bédouins).



Re: Early Twentieth Century FFL in Pith Helmets

Merci Georges,

How did you know I have that book ? I know the Legion was at Gallipoli,but of course, the photo you mentioned shows the legionnaires wearing kepis. Somewhere I have seen a picture of Legionnaires at Gallipoli wearing pith helmets. If I could just locate a color image to help with my painting project. Just checked 2 images in my copy The French Foreign Legion by John Robert Young and no pith helmets.


Re: Early Twentieth Century FFL in Pith Helmets

I'm not an expert, but according to Joineau the greatcoats appear to have been blue in 1915. Sorry, can't find a better image online:

Plate probably also included here:ée-française-Grande/dp/2352500842/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1548009234&sr=8-1&keywords=jouineau+la+grande+guerre

The figure at the far left; the captions of the black and white illustration are better legible. For this figure the caption reads: "Légionnaire stationné en Afrique du Nord" / " Légionnaire stationed in North Africa" ...

Re: Early Twentieth Century FFL in Pith Helmets

Thanks for your help; I tried to research possible use of pith helmet figures as French Marines,however,if all else fails I will use the Strelets pith helmet figures with the Esci officer in pith helmet or with Askari Miniatures artillery crew I bought.

I'm so glad Strelets seems to be making a Legion heavy weapons set,but if all else fails a hobbyist can buy different scale figures and just not photograph them close together.



Re: Early Twentieth Century FFL in Pith Helmets


I'm not sure whether I get what you really want but if you are also looking for French Marines wearing pith helmets (and greatcoats), Jouineau has a plate for this as well, to judge from the anchor on the helmets (pre WWI):

What about French troops wearing pith helmets in the late 19th century Indo-China wars?