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Re: Nice Week-End, Gentlemen!

I too always buy all the new 1/72 Napoleonic sets that are released & will be buying the redbox sets, but I have to say the recent hat offerings have been quite disappointing.
I will probably buy the Austrian set & the two Dragoons sets but if they are not better than the recent releases they will be my last buys from hat.
besides I am getting all I need(and more)from Strelets you just cant beat the MAC format I just hope Strelets brings out firing lines as well.

Re: Nice Week-End, Gentlemen!

Wow! Seeing Beau Geste style FFL, especially new masters, does really make for a "Nice Week-End." I really hope this turn of the XX Century Range keeps in the Blue Color tradition.

Thank you for the post, Strelets Team! - GC

Re: Nice Week-End, Gentlemen!

Strelets...please!!! Firing lines for your napoleonics, listen to your consumers!!!!