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Re: Nice Week-End, Gentlemen!

Alan Buckingham
FFL on a picnic I would say, nice hamper :-)
Certainly would be an ideal subject to model!

Is it light artillery - hopefully, mule carried?

Re: Nice Week-End, Gentlemen!

Hi Steve,

I couldn't agree more getting four or five Napoleonic sets coming out at the same time is draining my bank account especially as i buy many boxes of each set. my family are saying its time for an intervention lol.

This is only getting worse with redbox joining the fray with some lovely (Hopefully) Russians and all the other stuff due out by strelets and hat.

hopefully we will get artillery / cavalry soon making for a cheaper purchase

I will like all true addicts find the money, make the excuses and justify it by saying its the only vice i have left.

great job strelets keep them coming



Re: Nice Week-End, Gentlemen!

I too always buy all the new 1/72 Napoleonic sets that are released & will be buying the redbox sets, but I have to say the recent hat offerings have been quite disappointing.
I will probably buy the Austrian set & the two Dragoons sets but if they are not better than the recent releases they will be my last buys from hat.
besides I am getting all I need(and more)from Strelets you just cant beat the MAC format I just hope Strelets brings out firing lines as well.

Re: Nice Week-End, Gentlemen!

Wow! Seeing Beau Geste style FFL, especially new masters, does really make for a "Nice Week-End." I really hope this turn of the XX Century Range keeps in the Blue Color tradition.

Thank you for the post, Strelets Team! - GC

Re: Nice Week-End, Gentlemen!

Strelets...please!!! Firing lines for your napoleonics, listen to your consumers!!!!