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Re: Friday Model—barking up the wrong tree?

Sorry to disappoint you but polish had different uniforms dinstictive kurtka not like french and czapka if will be present on those figures then its incorrect uniform.early some polish troops used cpitured austrian and prussian uniforms and they adjusted them to distinguish themself from time passed (wore out uniforms)they changed them for new ones which in 1810-14 had different lapels compared to french jacket.

Re: Friday Model—barking up the wrong tree?

True and good point, I was not focussing on the waist-coat, silly me.

I'll be interested to know what he is then. Perhaps the camera angle makes the shako look like a Russian kiver?

Re: Friday Model—barking up the wrong tree?

Dear Strelets

Please put us out of our misery and give up the country and unit type. I cant take it anymore lol

On a separate issue is your new venture the production of buildings / terrain?

many thanks


Re: Friday Model—barking up the wrong tree?

It’s ok nobody can be focused 100% all the happens to me too.yes It must be camera angle because when you look at figure stand you can see bottom of the shako looks different.but still missing pompon first figure,both figures missing epaulettes should be corrected unless they’re some napoleonic hippies :-D then excuse my french.Would be nice to have separate elites and fusiliers in separate boxes so we can buy both based on needs.

Re: Friday Model

Set M011 (Russian Grenadiers in winter dress) being not available anymore for long I will be very glad to buy new sets of russian line infantry (musketier) in summer or winter dress, no matter the pose (standing, firing, at ease and so on), we need good and accurate 1812 russian fusiliers.

I recentlly bought the latest strelets sets (WWII, ACW and Napoleonic) and I'm very happy with them. keep the good work coming to us !