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Re: Those lovely Strelets Prussian landwehr

I have already commented on the great paint job and pics elsewhere.

Thanks for the link to the review. I already have a slew of HaT's Landwehr and am disappointed they don't quite match; however, I am glad to know this as I expected to buy a bunch of Strelets-r figures and use them together. I am now painting said HaT figures and now have a better idea of how to paint them as it looks like I'll brigade them separately. But that's the way it goes; there's no way I'm passing by these great figures.

Re: Those lovely Strelets Prussian landwehr

Fully agree, another set that comes to life with a lick of paint, nice work!

Re: Those lovely Strelets Prussian landwehr

Almost missed this wonderful contribution.

Thanks for sharing your great work with the forum, Sansovino.

Agreed, Strelets latest Prussians are far superior when compared to Hät's few nippers. :+1:

Re: Those lovely Strelets Prussian landwehr

Thanks a lot that you like my figures. Sorry for my delayed reaction, but I couldn´t submit messages in the forum for a long time.
It was really a pleasure to work and to paint the Strelets Landwehr miniatures.