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those Landwehr/unrelated request

Every time I see those distinctive blue Landwehr caps, with the yellow band, I can't help but wish for US Dragoons from the 1840s and 1850s. I don't expect Strelets to start a whole new subject era (ie. The Mexican War of 1846-48) but maybe you could add this to your Wild West range. Maybe put them up against some Comanche or Apache Indians. The US Dragoons are useful for all kinds of Indian conflicts in that era as well as the Mexican War (which are only touched by IMEX in the form of really poor, brittle, and inaccurate Infantry).

Re: those Landwehr/unrelated request

Dragoon pics

Re: those Landwehr/unrelated request

I wholeheartedly support this! I was so disappointed with the Imex Mexican War Americans. I wish a competent producer like Strelets would put out a set. Even one combo set of mounted and foot dragoons would be welcome.

I've had Mexican War games using Landwehr and cowboys as US infantry and Texas Rangers against Napoleonic French as Mexicans but it would be amazing to have at least one set of the real thing.

Re: those Landwehr/unrelated request

I would certainly buy them. Also various native Americans especially Apache, Comanche and Kiowa; all nations that have been largely ignored. If Strelets covered the Mexican wars they could produce some very colourful characters; including Mexicans in sombreros and regular Mexican Army.

Re: those Landwehr/unrelated request

Even though such a set would fit better with my 1/32 needs I would appreciate a set or two in 1/72 scale. I've used the Prussian Landwehr as US troops of the 1850s in overcoats - you do what you have to do. By the same token, the shorter jackets of the US uniform could probably be used as another nation's troops with a little imagination. I'd have to research it.

It is a gap that hasn't been adequately filled. I didn't even bother with the Imex set - their Alamo Mexicans' and Saxons' and Vikings' plastic totally turned me off their product.