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1/72 Swoppets

This popped up on a Facebook toy soldier site I visit. I had these figures myself as a small boy. I wonder if this might be a viable method to increase the number of poses per set? It wouldn't work on all poses, but it seems to be a good way to increase the pose count beyond even the large number possible with specialized purpose sets like we have seen from Strelets in the last few years.

Re: 1/72 Swoppets

Dear Mark T.,

When I was a kid, the Britain's "Swoppets" were my favorite toy soldiers in my collection. The problem was I couldn't afford to buy enough to have battles with. So I eventually discovered Airfix with their Fort Sahara and Apache sets and could add more sets at 50 Cents.

When eBay started up, I was excited to discover Hong Kong Copies of many of Britains Swoppets in 1/72, and in the early days, you could buy quite a few. Now they are harder to find and some way too expensive. I've got a nice collection of the Swoppet Knights on foot in lots of colours, but very few on horseback. The eBay buyers are willing to pay crazy amounts of money for the riders, so the very few I have came loose in other auctions.

Because of your posting herein, I got out my collection of the Swoppet two-piece Queen's Guards your talking about, and I've collected 108 of them. A few are copies of copies so not all the actual Copies of the Crescent Brand of Guards. I remove all of the paint so the actual details really come out. They are great looking!

Below is a link showing some of my Conversions of Hong Kong Copies of Swoppets in 1/72. It's an old posting I did years ago, but there are very few of us who appreciate them in the smaller scale so I'll put it here again for you to see.

My feeling is other than Head and Arm "Accessories" (as they seem to be called) a few current companies produce these days, we'll never see actual Torso and Leg Swoppets in our scale other than the Hong Kong Copies of Crescent you linked up. Anyway, enjoy: