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Re: What glue is the best for glueing broken swords,scabbards,rifles tiny items for strelets,zvezda

Thanks umpapa.will do I used to fix soldiers -cracked parts,holes with preheated nail as a kid.why I didn’t think of that? Thank you very much greetings (dzenkuje bardzo,pozdrawiam).

Glue and Activator and Pins

Some brands can be glued with regular model glue, usually Imex, Pegasus, or HaT. Others can be glued using contact cements, such as Goo, sold in model railroad stores. Contact cement is not always the best choice.

Others can be glued using super glue and an activator. Loctite is a kit that includes the super glue and the activator. It's expensive. The secret is the activator.

First, prepare the plastic by washing the model and parts in warm soapy water, dishwashing soap is fine. Rinse it off completely and let it dry. Try not to handle the model any more than necessary. Apply the activator to both parts using a brush. Then apply the super glue to one part and press them together. I like to use a gap filling super glue.

The secret activator is N-Heptane. It's sold in art supply stores and used for thinning rubber cement. It's very cheap. With it you can use any brand of super glue.

Some items are best pinned together, I use size 9 guitar strings to pin the parts together. The guitar string is very thin, very strong, cheap, and works very well. When pinning do all the steps up to adding the super glue, then insert the wire using pliers. Put the super glue on the wire and press the two parts together.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek
Bunker Talk blog

Re: Glue and Activator and Pins

Thank you Mike . I will definitely try that activator is always good to have more options.

Re: Glue and Activator and Pins

I use something my wife found in Walmart: Beacon "Quickgrip" which does what it says on the tube. It is a superglue gel, very thick but fast flowing which does give an instant hold, (and I mean instant, you have to work really fast with this stuff) that works on tiny pin point repairs where there there is hardly any surface area, such as gun barrels.

You get get it in Michaels craft store and on line from Amazon too. I have used it on all kinds of plastic including vintage Airfix as well as white metal - in fact I've just finished swapping out some weapons on Esci paratroopers with die cast ones from Sgts Mess.

Re: Glue and Activator and Pins

Thanks Stuart sounds promising if you can glue airfix plastic with it then this is it . I will order it.looks like my search is regards.:slightly_smiling_face: