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PSR Review of Landwehr on the March

The Prussian Landwehr Marching have been reviewed by Plastic soldier Review with some deservedly big scores.:grinning:

The only negative point was made regarding the drummer perhaps if Strelets are planning any more Prussian Landwehr sets they might consider making a better drummer on the main sprue giving us four drummers per box instead of the usual one.

Re: PSR Review of Landwehr on the March

Hi Brian,

when I look at the drummer I cannot share the criticism of PSR. It's all about on which side the drum is hanging (should be over the left leg). OK, this is when he is drumming, but the guy just carries the drum on the right back side. He is not drumming - probably just "on the march".
Many recent criticisms from PSR on Steltsis is on pose choice. However, this is free choice and appeals differently to different people. Not a figure to dump out of principle at all imo.