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Hegemony Miniatures want your suggestions

please visit their website or PlasticSoldierReview

Re: Hegemony Miniatures want your suggestions

The only suggestion: rise quality. Present quality level is not acceptable.

Re: Hegemony Miniatures want your suggestions

I liked the LRDG set, sculpting and mould aside , the idea and poses were great. Not a fan of the plastic, recycled , the first set I bought melted in hot water as I washed them prior to painting as always with plastic figures, complained only to be told is says keep away from heat on the packaging ! what it needed to say was don`t wash in hot water like you would normally or the figures melt and turn in to blobs of unidentifiable plastic, and you will of wasted your money. So sculpting needs to be a lot better, the plastic needs to change, and doing a subject well would encourage me, ie full coverage , so as an example LRDG set one existing , set two seated and firing lewis/vickers as if in a truck, Set 3 , road watch /at rest.