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Re: Why NOT Napoleonics?

I hesitate to suggest this, because of the hostility it might spark, but an interesting thread might ask 'Why not Napoleonics?'.

I could offer the opinion that as you need a very large number of beautifully painted figures for the large scale battles that are the signature of the period, it is a lifetime's task.

Napoleonics was my first & for many years my only period. Others may not want this type of commitment.

Re: Why Napoleonics?

.......and why not? I only have only the HaT rocket set because it was something different but have no negative views about those who want to model this period.

Everyone their own choices! I would rather see the Napoleonic sets rather than yet another 'Waffen SS tank riders uniform for November 1942 set 6'

At least Strelet is not making up fantasy sets like those "1946" sets so beloved by certain types of modellers and manufactures. (will probably be called a troll for such a comment!).

Huh... now calm down, dear RCD. You clearly misinterpreted my post. Let's try to have a hostility free zone here. As you said "Everyone their own choices!", although you negate this statement somehow in the same post of yours.

Point taken! I will sit down and write out my lines of attrition!

Re: Why Napoleonics?

I like many periods ww1,ww2 ancient,medieva 7 years war,30year war....and so on...but napoleonics are on my top list.definitly more coloured uniforms more armies involved so many German,italian countries involved,diversity in uniforms and countries even Switzerland,portugal,Sweden,Spain involved not like ww1and ww2 bigger countries less countries involved as garmany and italy became 1 big nations.fighting marching in tight formations.longer period so many changes in uniforms,little countries switching sides..and huge cavalry versus cavalry charges.