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Re: Foot Rif Rebels on PSR

Let's hope the announced set 191 Rif Rebellion will bring us more accurate content in their box.

Re: Foot Rif Rebels on PSR

As others have said, these are nice figures and, like the previous contributors, I will use them for scenarios further East (even if PSR is correct that they are not Berberic enough for the Rif war).

Have "190 mounted Rif rebels" and "191 Rif rebellion" been presented or discussed on this Forum? If they are as nice as the 185 Foot Rif rebels, I will be buying.

Re: Foot Rif Rebels on PSR

I understand the dock of points on history for the above mentioned reasons. Back when we bought figures unseen except for box art (if we even got a look at that as before the Net I had to buy over the phone) the "misname" might be a problem. I do believe, however, that one look at the pictures (which is one of the MANY great services PSR provides to the hobby) folks can see for themselves what the figures are and how nice they are - they will sell themselves, I think.

Personally, I'm tempted to buy a bunch along with some of the FFL and get my old Airfix Ft Sahara out and relive "Beau Geste" or "March or Die!"

That's not to say - a "new" set of RIF Rebels wouldn't be appreciated by those interested in the era. Kudos on a nice set I think.

Re: Foot Rif Rebels on PSR

I love the figures for Strelets "Rif War" and look forward to buying them however they look pre WW1 (classic Beau Geste look) to me and more suitable to the conquest of Southern Algeria / Sahara. I would love to see Strelets make actual Rif War FFL, Berbers and Spanish. I think this is still a gap.