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Re: To all...

Alfred Lyndon Grace 1867-1949 - title- Military Tactics

The image on the wall is the Old King as we called him but George VI who died on my birthday. So the date of the painting would be late 1930s or 1940s. The Chelsea Pensioner is obviously instructing the boys on the lessons he learned in the Transvaal and his medal looks like the Queens South Africa medal. Look at a blow up and the enemy are Hiawatha like Red Indians so taking liberties with reality like all gamers:laughing: . The jug was to fetch ale from the brewery and the mug hanging up was his favourite tankard. RH should be on his hat. The chair he is seated upon is a Windsor chair and the one to the left of the fireplace is a settle (like a pew). The pic is from the painting but I believe this was much reproduced as it had propaganda value in WWII and beyond.I could go on. Saying he looks like Jeremy Corbyn will get me shot.

Re: To all...

Love the painting! Do you know its title and/or the artist?
The answer by David O'Brien is probably more comprehensive then the one I could/would give... he's a real Brit I guess. :smile:

I uploaded the image in High-res, so enjoy the details by opening it in new tab.

Re: To all...

The more you look the more you get the message from the artist, it`s summer, no fire in the hearth, the door is open, leaves on the tree`s etc, are these lads playing outside, no, rather be playing toy soldiers, and who can blame them.

Re: To all...

Thanks for the replies!