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Re: Highlanders : why yet more figures?

Steve H
It is true that there are quite a few Highlander sets been made but non that are as specific as at attention, at ease, on the march & in attack.
Strelets have found a gap in the market & are reaping the benefits, these sets really fit the Napoleonic era & are like a breath of fresh air.
Strelets could concentrate on obscure sets all the time but they would soon go out of business & that would not help anyone build their armies.

Steve H, I agree with you - Strelets needs to stay with "bread and butter" lines such as Napoleonics. Even the Strelets ACW line for example, which I would say is a "bread and butter" line too has now provided me (as a collector and painter) with a very realistic array of infantry figures and poses to (re)create the entire Gettysburg Battle - with regards to the variety of poses (marching, attacking, skirmishing, standing/at ease etc) during direct confrontation of the two opposing forces in the encounter. I am now repainting my old ESCI, Accurate/Revell, Italeri and Imex figures but I must say, once painted up the Strelets figures are quite impressive and do have very realistic looking poses. I actually prefer these Strelets figures to the older ones. I along with many others, do believe there are still gaps in ACW line that still require filling - once the entire Strelets ACW line is completed, I anticipate "retiring" my older non-Strelets ACW figures to other uses and scenarios. Napoleonics collectors probably feel the same way as their armies continue to expand! lol