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Heavy weapons for FFL?

Hi Strelets - Just received your WWII FFL and they are great. I know you've included the Hotchkiss MMG but are you planning a heavy weapons set like you did with the British and Indians? If you are, can I suggest gun crews to be included, the are plenty of metal French field guns and ATGs but 20mm FFL crews are a bit thin on the ground.
Cheers and Happy New Year.

Re: Heavy weapons for FFL?

Dear Graham,

we don't have such plans at the moment.
Best regards,


Re: Heavy weapons for FFL?

Well shucks. Guess I will have to wait some more. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Re: Heavy weapons for FFL?

We'll wait and see how the FFL sell, I think they will sell like hotcakes. With a bit luck that tempt Strelets to reconsider.