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Plans for more WW1 Serbs?

Dear Strelets
When the first set of WW1 Serbs was released last year I recall that you said if they sold well there could be more such sets in the future. Have you any plans for more sets covering this mostly neglected theatre such as an Infantry Heavy Weapons set with Maxim machine guns
or Infantry in summer uniforms ? Artillery ? cavalry ?

Your WW1 ranges have already covered much that is new and I hope this will continue perhaps with sets such as late war Austrian Infantry in helmets, Austrian Mountain troops, a set of British Infantry for the 1916-18, Romanians and Bulgarians.....

A Happy New Year to all at Strelets

Re: Plans for more WW1 Serbs?

Dear Duncanh,

this set wasn't popular, especially if compared to the Arabs, for example. It wasn't unexpected to us, and we were prepared, that a remote theater with restricted media coverage won't become a big seller. We will try our luck in this area with some other subjects that you can see on the futures list.
Please, be guided accordingly.

Best regards,


Re: Plans for more WW1 Serbs?

Dear Strelets
Thank you for your reply. I am very happy that you are continuing to cover WW1 and am looking forward to the new sets planned for the future which will hopefully see good sales.

Re: Plans for more WW1 Serbs?

I cannot recommend that set highly enough because of the excellent quality of the sculpting and the many conversion possibilities.

Re: Plans for more WW1 Serbs?

That's too bad about the Serbs - I bought several packs and they are indeed excellent figures with lots of conversion possibilities. Perhaps a better seller might have been a set of Serbs in summer uniforms for the Balkan Wars and the campaigns of 1914-15 - those are much better known by the general public (at least the part of the general public that wargames or models with 20 mm soldiers) than the later campaigns in Macedonia. You could also have given them Austro-Hungarian or Bulgarian opponents in distinctive uniforms - no one has ever made WW1 Bulgarians in plastic or any of the early-war Austro-Hungarian cavalry units (hussars, dragoons or uhlans).