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Crew Hiring Difficulties


i really like the RedBox sailors, but want to mix them up respectively give them some special kind of opponents.
Therefore i would need some guys using their pistol in hand combat for about late 16. - very early 18. century.
As far as i overlook, Strelets is the right contact for such guys - but i'm not experienced in this Era-range. Is there any set i don't know and find yet?

Also metal figures?


Re: Crew Hiring Difficulties

So after a while i found one single figure myself.

And as i thought it's Strelets who provides - Jacobites 2 (the PSR 2. Figure of 4. Row).

Now trying to ask more accurate:

Dear Strelets, is this the only figure using his pistol for striking?

Not implicitly/directly to Strelets:

Would portuguese or dutch or ... sailors respectively pirates be an option? Think at least for the last there are some poses that could still be made.