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Re: Last Friday Post Before New Year


it was our pleasure to talk to you and see you here.
We wish you all happy and prosperous New Year!
We stand in anticipation of our future meetings in 2019.
Best regards,

Dear Strelets Team,

I for one, would like to thank you for making the efforts to post Friday Night Teaser pictures. They really help to keep that youthful excitement alive and well all year round.

Happy New Year - 2019

Re: Last Friday Post Before New Year

What GC said! And a happy new year to all of you. :santa:

Re: Last Friday Post Before New Year

It will be interesting to see if these are from the same set as the figure in trews posted here:

Personally I hope not - a recent big interest of mine is the War of 1812 and no kilts or feather bonnets were worn by Scottish units in that conflict.

Re: Last Friday Post Before New Year

Some great figures and an awesome tease. I thought if I had to paint another kilt or tartan I'd scream, but these guys are too great to pass up - I'll just have to start making up another regiment as I think I have a "unit" representing about every regiment active during the entire Napoleonic period - but these are too tempting to pass up.