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Re: WWII FFL Riflemen

Three sprues, plus one command/machine gun sprue.

Re: WWII FFL Riflemen

So 24 riflemen, glad I ordered 2 boxes. Cheers.

Re: WWII FFL Riflemen

Meanwhile, PSR provides images of the WWII FFL and other new Strelets figures.

43 figures in 17 poses.
4 poses (x1) command & heavy MG.
13 poses (x3) troops.

And yes, 8 poses (x3) carry a rifle. The other 5 poses carry submachine guns & light MGs.

Have ordered 2 boxes as well. :+1:

Re: WWII FFL Riflemen

Could thees guys be used for Algeria post WWII?

Mike Bunkermeister Creek
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