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Boer war Artillery

I got my first sets last night. They are superb. The figures are fantastic. I hope that the team at Strelets really consider making new infantry sets for this period. Now I can't wait until we get the Pom Pom guns.

Re: Boer war Artillery

Good to hear. I don't do the Boer War but since the figures are so good, I ordered the 155mm gun for WW1 - the crew figures will be converted or serve as Confederates with other guns.

The British gun and crew might pass for WW1 Ottomans, what do you think?

Re: Boer war Artillery

The artillery may pass. I would try using the krupp barrel from the 1877 Turkish artillery set. For the British figures, it would depend on how much you are concerned with accuracy. I plan on using the British for the Sudan also.

Re: Boer war Artillery

Thanks for your reply. I seem to remember a discussion here when the first masters were shown whether these might be Ottomans. Will decide after having a look at these figures when I get my hands on them.