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Re: New RedBox set !

" someone who has done a fair bit of marching with a shouldered musket, a good officer will give the order to change shoulders every so often to preserve the soldier's.

There is a school of thought that says everything was done by the drillbooks as we have them written down with absolutely no variation. I have seen this approach so many times. There is no concession to real life and the circumstances of the soldiers let alone common sense."

A far-fetched excuse, in my opinion.

As far as I know you are an ECW man so, apparently, you don't have an idea of how rigidly drill instructions were implemented in the Napoleonic Russian army, and even more so with the Guard.

Anyway, at least as far as marching Napoleonic Russian armies are concerned, I'm not keen on getting figures representing poses which might reflect some irregular behaving, I'm just interested in poses that correspond to what was expected and demanded.

Well, probably, I'm just too fond of history and less so of (hi)stories ...

Re: New RedBox set !

You are entitled to your own view - and I mine and incidentally while I am mainly an ECW enthusiast I am also a military historian, so I maintain my view. On which we shall have to differ.

Re: New RedBox set !

I thought the same and then I took a step back.
Looking at the number of figure I think we will have only 3 of each poses plus the staff. I will surely mix them with Hat.
Finally I think I recall there will be 3 additional boxes with grenadier with mitre, line infantry and light infantry. So eventually I will be doing conversions as I am nearly sure other boxes will bring musketnon the good shoulders.

Merry Christmas to you all.

Re: New RedBox set !

"... as I am nearly sure other boxes will bring musketnon the good shoulders."

Unfortunately not.

Again, a (musketeer) private carrying the musket on the right shoulder, and an NCO of Pavlovski carrying his halberd on the wrong side too:

But, don't worry, I won't throw the set(s) in the bin - as I will definitely not buy it (them) ...

Re: New RedBox set !

Extra long toilet brush on their hats. They must have come in useful.:grimacing:

Re: New RedBox set !

I prefer my figures to be pretty accurate, but try not to be OCD about it - I can't really tell you where it is I draw the line, but when I look at a set of figures I know where it is. At 1/72 scale minor details like buttons or even cuffs and collars can be forgiven - to a point. I like the three-foot rule (if you couldn't see a button or object from three feet away on a real person, it's not really a problem in 1/72 scale. Of course the TRUE artists in the hobby make a lie of that rule, but I'm usually painting by the hundreds, so...), particularly if I can paint over a "mistake."

I've shared many times how we used to recreate the battle of the Alamo using our 1/32 cowboys and ACW figures. We would take the cowboys and brimmed-hat ACW guys and they defended the upside-down shoebox that was our Alamo against kepi-hatted ACW guys who stood in for shakoed Mexicans. It worked for us. The first playsets we got as kids in the USA didn't even have real enemy armies - just different colored guys in the same poses to represent opposing armies. We made do. When Louis Marx introduced actual authentic Germans into his "Battleground" set there was a whole generation overjoyed; now folks quibble over their quality - and the fact the WW2 GIs were carrying post-war weapons... -sigh- we loved them then.

Having said that, if the figure captures the general look of the subject I can deal with minor discrepancies. Now, as to the matter of right-shoulder arms/left-shoulder arms, as an old soldier I know even though we normally marched at right-shoulder arms in my time (much later than Napoleonic as old as I am) - marching at left-shoulder wasn't unheard of - rare, but not unheard of.

Now, I don't know how old most of the folks are on this site, or even in the hobby, but I'm old enough to remember when the only 1/72 scale Napoleonics we had in the USA were from a Hong Kong based company called "Giant." They had copies of old Marx ACW figures with French-style shakos added on and then "shrunk down" - pantagraphed to 1/72 scale. Same poses for both British and French - same uniforms (all wrong) - just different colors blue for French, red for British. How's that for accuracy?

Then Airfix came along and it was like a brave new world to many of us - ACTUAL British and French figures in fairly accurate uniforms. But they were ALL at right-shoulder-arms! I didn't realize they were wrong until I'd grown up and done some serious study of the Napoleonic era and tactics. But we played on. ESCI came out and somewhat better sculpting - but still, wrong shoulder...

Personally, the fact the marching figures are right-shoulder-arms is vexing to me, sure. One would think right now with the state of the hobby and the availability of the reasearch materials, not to mention the ability to take a look at the competition's output and see they're doing left-shoulder figures (I think I would look to see what's out there if I was about to invest in producing a set if only out of curiosity) the problem would be avoidable.

But I am not going to throw the baby out with the bathwater. If the rest of the set proves to be as nice as the first pictures make it; and, as I said before, if the molds match and there's not a lot of flash or uneven mold lines along the figures - if the plastic is of the quality of previous Mars products - I think I will overlook the problem with one pose - it's not like it's a set solely committed to marching figures. If that were the case then the flaw might prove fatal. As it is, I can live with it - as my grandma used to say, "Chew the wheat, spit out the chaff."

But to each his or her own, I say. Live and let live.

Re: New RedBox set !

And now tell me I'm just dreaming that the only figure shouldering his musket is carrying it on the right ... which would mean we get an army of marching NCOs (... as there already is a NCO carrying a halberd, on the left, which is correct ...) ...

A beginner's mistake ... 20 to 30 years of preaching that privates carried their muskets on the left completely in vain ... and another set for the bin...

But, surely, I'm mistaken ... Sure? There are THREE figures in the box with the musket on their shoulder. Hardly an army.

Re: New RedBox set !

You don't get my point ...

Re: New RedBox set !

You don't get my point ...
That is correct.

Re: New RedBox set !

An Amazing new!! Many thanks to Haron to have made these sets. I'm so really happy. first Strelets puts on the market the 2WW FFL and now Red Box with russians for Austerlitz… I can say it's a great Xmas.