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Another Christmas pressy from Strelets

GO look at sets to be made are listed, more Rif, More WW2 Japs, Boer war Brits with Pom pom , WW1 Brits at Gallipoli , and loads of not very interesting nappy stuff :joy: :joy: :joy:

Re: Another Christmas pressy from Strelets

Yes not forgetting 2 sets of WWI Turks/Ottomans and as you said lots of boring nappy stuff.

Re: Another Christmas pressy from Strelets

Look forward to Boer War Brit cheerleaders with their pom poms.

There used to be a Boer War Boer Vickers Maxim (without cheerleaders) in Devonport Park in Plymouth. Probably still there on its granite plinth. It was called the Doris gun after the crew of HMS Doris who brought it back.