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Strelets take a bow

I have only recently taken delivery of the sets that you released in July--specifically Confederates Skirmishing, U.S. Infantry Firing, Old Guard Standing at Ease, Old Guard Standing at Attention, Pickett's Charge 3, Union Infantry in Attack 3, French Line Infantry Standing at Attention and Spartacus Army before Battle. I had to order them from the UK as I discovered that our local retailer was not able to stock them as their antipodean wholesaler is not purchasing Strelets. What a silly fellow!!

So much for the melodrama.

The point of this post is to say WOW and a huge thank you to Strelets.

The figures look great on the website, but they are something else in the (plastic) flesh. Such detail, such great poses that are beautifully sculpted and moulded. I shall enjoy immensely painting them and making them into various units.

But it does not end there. We have the recent releases, especially for me the Prussian infantry and landwehr and ACW artillery--will M077 be joining them soon?

There is still more though; more beautiful Napoleonic sets, lead by those superb looking Austrian grenadiers (early and late it would seem with turnbacks and none).

All the best for what remains of 2018 to all at Strelets and to all wargamers and collectors who enjoy your work. It has been mentioned already that you have made it a year to remember for us all. It seems as though 2019 may even surpass this stellar year!

Thanks so much,


Re: Strelets take a bow

Yes, well done, just painting the long tom and crew, a little gem, please keep up the good work, delighted with most of the subjects your covering, have I mentioned SAS and LRDG :slightly_smiling_face:

Re: Strelets take a bow

If I may add credit where credit is due and give my kudos. I have the aforementioned sets waiting in queue for my brush (the queue keeps getting longer these days - not necessarily a bad thing) but I have been able to finish off your latest releases of Napoleonic British Line and Highland Infantry and found them a sheer joy to paint and look at. Hopefully, the dust will settle and I can take some pics. More importantly, in my opinion, they are compatible with other makers' figures. A major plus for me as I can put them in with my armies seamlessly. Great job! Excited about future releases.

Just got some of the new batch

I got the two Civil War artilleries and the two Boer War artilleries and the WWII Japanese gun. That Japanese gun is a dream! It is simple, sturdy and easy to put together! And I really love the poses. That is why I would love you guys to make a 75mm WWII US pack howitzer like that with a US Marine crew (you could add other US crews later too). I see you have a Japanese type 98 aa 20mm gun in the future listed as well.

I do wish though, instead of a stream of Japanese guns one after the other (I like the guns, don't get me wrong) I wish you'd do a Japanese gun, then a gun of an adversary, like a US Marine gun, then another Japanese gun, etc. As it stands now, my US forces are at a disadvantage at Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima and the Philippines 1945!

Re: Strelets take a bow

Dear James,

just letting you know, that this new lot was already sent to AU and NZ and should there soon.
We had to resort to dealing with shops - something that don't usually do, due to distributor's unwillingness to take our products.
One shop is in Unley, SA and another in Paraparaumu, NZ.
Should you need their details, we can provide them to you, if you send us an e-mail to our address with a respective inquiry.

Best regards,


Re: Strelets take a bow

Thank you so much for replying to me directly.

I was thinking that I should see whether Military Hobbies in Unley would supply them as I have dealt with Andrew before and he is a really helpful fellow. I shall contact him about putting in an order!

Thanks for the suggestion,