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Re: Season Greetings!

Seasons greetings to all on this forum and special greeting for all at strelets who have made many old men's dreams come true in the last few years.
Thanks for the Austrians we have being waiting a while but its been worth the wait looking at the above pictures thanks again Strelets.

Re: Season Greetings!

Merry Christmas - or what ever it is you celebrate - all.

Re: Season Greetings!

Auguro a tutti voi un lieto e felice Natale e un fantastico 2019. Ciao!

Re: Season Greetings!

A very Merry Christmas to all!:santa: :evergreen_tree: :snowflake: :snowman: :snowman_without_snow:

Re: Season Greetings!

Thanks Strelets for the early christmas present at last the Nap Austrians are starting to get a lot of overdue attention and these grenadiers are up to your new improved standard.

It's been a great year for Strelets they have added the highest quality to the already prolific output and the forum has been great too so I would like to wish Strelets and all on the forum a very Merry Christmas.:grinning:

Re: Season Greetings!

Could I just ask about the turnbacks on the coats is the one on the left early war and the other on the right late war? If so perhaps I could suggest turnbacks somewhere in between these then they could cover both early and late war, I hope this will therefore create room for some Hungarian style Grenadiers as well.

Also a picture of the back of the figures would be helpful to see if everything is in place and as good as the front of these beautiful figures.:grinning:

Re: Season Greetings!

Could the figure on the left be possibly wearing a greatcoat?

Paul K.

Re: Season Greetings!

Well, gentlemen,

we are quickly approaching Christmas.
Here's a small gift to all of you interested in Napoleonics.

Season greetings to all of you!

Best regards,


Seat Strelets Team

Dir me you are the Best Figuren Manufacturer in the World.

I Hope the next Year we're also so wonderful.

Many Christmas Greetings and a Happy new Year.

Michael from Good Old Germany

Re: Season Greetings!

A very Merry Christmas to the Strelets team and to everyone on the forum.

Those Grenadiers are very smart.:+1:

Re: Season Greetings!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Joyous New Year!

Re: Season Greetings!

Great news, merry Christmas and a productive New Year for Strelets

Re: Season Greetings!

Dear Strelets

Shchaslyvoho Rizdva


Shchaslyvoho Novoho roku

Please keep up this wonderful exciting Napoleonic adventure for those that have an amorous connection to this epoch. Happy Xmas & New Year to all fellow forumers

Best Regards

Re: Season Greetings!

We now know the figure on the right is part of Strelets plans for Austrians Grenadiers in greatcoats as advertised on the sides of the recent batch of boxes, perhaps the figure on the left is intended to be part of strelets yet to be announced Austrians Grenadiers in summer dress with Austrian Infantry in summer dress to follow as well.