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Nice to see Valiant minis resized Germans ! Does Anyone know if the British and Americans are due for the same treatment ?

Re: Valiant

They will if the Germans sell well, So I have bought a few boxes because I really would like the Brits.

Re: Valiant

Credit to Valiant for remaking these sets I think the height should be okay but they still look a little chunky, anyone know how they compare to other manufacturers such as Strelets, Revell, Italeri, Caesar and Zvezda which are they closest to and are any totally incompatible?

I would be very interested as well to see how the British Infantry shape up and I always like any sets with extra bits such as heads.

Re: Valiant

I was surprised when it was the Germans resized as I believe the brits were the bigger sellers. I think that the German sets contain less figures than before to be honest with you they don't look great value.
I would buy the British set only if it contained the full compliment of figures of the original set & at a similar price as well.

Re: Valiant

good morning,

Facebook Valiant says Brits are next but no timescale yet.



Re: Valiant

Thanks Chaps , be good to see the Brits redone as well