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ACW 30lb Parrot

I now see better images on eBay and am disappointed.

This set does not look good enough to purchase after all. Even the crews are not that good. For me, the better crews are the French Artillery set for Crimea. Sorry but from what I can see the quality of the plastic press and the soft plastic has created a bad result; the crew ram rods are no good at all and the lanyard guy is pulling a massive rope; it that is supposed to be a lanyard.

Re: ACW 30lb Parrot

To each his own I say. Based on what's out on the market I welcome the new set. Airfix's artillery is poorly sculpted, Imex's guns look more like small howitzer's, Italieris figures look like dress uniforms on parade, and accurate's figures are giants!. Strelet's is offering a decent looking 30ib Parrot gun that was used extensively during the war, but most manufacturers never did. The figures' uniforms and poses look more realistic and battle ready. I'm looking forward to the upgrade for my armies. That's just my opinion of course.

Re: ACW 30lb Parrot

I do not disagree with your other manf. observations but the plastic used by Revell/Accurate is harder thus their ramrods are not flimsy. Maybe I'll get one kit and do a review on my site.