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Rif Rebs

Once again great figures and on my to buy list.The thought crossed my mind, are they rebels or are they freedom fighters ? the answer of course depends on your point of view, and in our politically correct time perhaps they should be Rif infantry ? .

Re: Rif Rebs

I'm looking at these guys and I'm wondering if someone - Haron? - could do some dog-headed warriors a la The Mummy films.

Re: Rif Rebs

Another great set of figures! Great poses well executed. Strelets is really hitting its
stride with set after set of unique and well-thought out figures.

Re: Rif Rebs

A sizeable number of wonderful figures. Well done Strelets team! :+1:

They will be useful for an enormous area and a substantial period of time I think.

Will we see an accompanying (mounted) set in this vein? :sweat_smile:

Re: Rif Rebs

As this set is named Foot Rif Rebels, there's hope for a future Mounted Rif Rebels set. :relaxed:

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to paint this lot.
You can never have enough irregular troops.

Re: Rif Rebs

I am really looking forward to these guys. Lovely figures, good number of poses.
I think Peter is right, at least some of them will be suitable for wide range of sites and periods.
As AP says one cant have too many irregulars and the beauty of not having a regular uniform is that we don't end up worrying that we have the wrong water bottle. To my untutored eye this look works right across North Africa, Arabian Peninsular and down into East Africa. I think it would not be wrong into Persian and Baluchistan.
The idea of having comrades on horse is almost too much to hope.