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Re: Early 20th century FFL

Love the new FFL figures. Love the blue color also. Great poses, lots of action. I would
have preferred them all in the kepi, but that's just personal taste.
Oh Wow! I certainly hope Britsfan is right, that these pictures are of the final figures cast in Blue Color. I simply love all of the poses. Very unique and realistic.

To Strelets, I promised you some FFL forts to set up your new Legionnaires in. Well I've got one finished, and a second one all of the parts collected. These will be from basic Marx Tin Litho sets of the mid 1950's but set up for 1/72 rather than the original 54mm / 60mm.
The third and fourth forts will be an Airfix Fort Sahara Conversion and also a combination of the new Italeri Beau Geste Fort.

This is going to be a very exciting Christmas this year - Thank you "Santa Strelets Team" - GC

Re: Early 20th century FFL

Looking forward to:
1. Receiving new FFL strelets sets, and the others of course....
2. Admiring GarrisonClay's work !!!