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Re: to HARON / ORION: And Another Haron Reminder for upcoming 2019 Season

Dear Marco Zappa,

I humbly wait in line for Haron / Orion to finish it's existing commitments.

Over the years, this company has made some truly beautiful, unique and colorful sets. The Chinese Boxer Rebellion Set that goes with the Red Box Range of more sets is one example for me.

The more you, others and I encourage this maker, the better off the hobby will be. We can all look at Strelets' successes as a reminder.

Happy Holidays!

Re: to HARON ( again )

I believe the 1805 Russian range is being made by Redbox, I do not know whether they are connected with Haron but either way I would like to see some more preview pictures followed by a date when we might expect them.