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Re: Nearly there--haversack

I'm still intrigued by this having seen fusiliers represented with two belts, those re-enactors as a case in point, so I have kept hunting.

If carrying a haversack it was slung over the right shoulder...?

Re: Nearly there

Hi everyone,
I am really confused because the sculpture is superb but I can't guess what are they representing ?
Any help?

Re: Nearly there

These guys look like they might be French Young Guard Infantry circa 1809-1812. Paul K

Re: Nearly there


Basically one belt carries the bayonet and cartridge case and worn by all.

Second cross belt carries the sabre and was the preserve of NCOs, Elite Companies and Guard units pre 1815. The Young Guard in 1815 did nt get a sabre neither did number elite companies.

Backpack had two straps

Often a water bottle carried with thin strap running alongside one of the cross belts

So these figs could only be line NCOs or potentially pre 1814 Young Guard not all of which had the full epulettes

Would prefer a set of French Fusilers ie with one belt.

The figures look fantastic.