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Re: Rif war

For those interested in the SCW:

Have a look at the site of Minairons.

Metal figs of extremely good quality which you can mix with plastic figs.

Once painted you don' see the difference.

Re: Rif war

Have to agree with The Pope on this one. Minairons figures are sculpted by Xan, anatomically correct and mix well with plastic figures.

Metal is pricey, though. Happily Minairons sell separate sets of heads (9 each) and I have used them successfully for a simple headswap with Strelets WW1 Serbians - voila SCW Requete militia.

It is difficult to find plastic figures with trousers cut like the Spanish granadero trousers as worn in the Rif and Civil War. That's why I used a set where long coats hide the trousers.

What is needed is a plastic set of regular Spanish infantry.

I find this a good source of inspiration:

Re: Rif war

"Strelets decided to produce new FFL sets and wanted to categorise them within their catalogue. In the absence of another major conflict this specific troops could have been involved, Strelets picked the Rif War then."

Wouldn't "Colonial" have been the most likely category?

Therefore, here is hope Strelets will do at least one more Rif War set (provided we buy them) and the most obvious omission is Spanish infantry. :wink:

Re: Rif war

Marvellous pictures AP. You have me wanting some 1/72nd representations of the characters shown. especially the cavalry. Being realistic, one knows that Strelets have to have sales in mind. That is why they are producing the French Foreign Legion as depicted in FIlms.
However, If enough of us ask; we might get.
After all that's how we are getting the Camel units.

Re: Rif war

Thanks Murat. The paintings you are referring to are depicting the multiple desperate charges of the cavalry unit Cazadores de Alcántara against Riffian Berbers to protect the routing Spanish forces at Annual. They suffered tremendous loses - 28 of 32 officers and 523 of 685 cavalrymen dead.

Cazadores de Alcántara, 14th Cavalry is the only regiment of the Spanish Army that was collectively granted the Grand Cross Laureate of San Fernando. This medal of distinction, is the highest military decoration that can be granted in Spain.

Re: Rif war

Thank you for your prompt reply Strelets and for all the other excellent sets you are producing ! Still no 1 in the plastic figure market in my opinion