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Nearly there

Re: Nearly there

They look like French Light Infantry 1807 -1812 although I can not see swords or epaulets, I would prefer Fusiliers with just one cross belt and in campaign trousers, maybe these are for the parade ground, either way sculpting again is excellent.

Re: Nearly there

Wow, just like Zvezda's standard, I likes this sculptor. Please ask him make "Sword Era" figures

Re: Nearly there

I agree with the above comments Strelets figures are getting better with each new release matching & even outdoing their customers expectations which are quite high on this forum.
Keeping your customers happy is the best way of ensuring repeat sales As is maintaining quality & timely delivery Strelets score a ten out of ten for all these long may it continue.

Re: Nearly there

Two belts....where the hell are the epaulets?

Re: Nearly there

But these are from the fusilier company of the ligne and the shoulder straps are in clear evidence.

Re: Nearly there

Hallo, for me they are Poland troops.

Re: Nearly there

Bewdiful Strelets!


Re: Nearly there

I like these - I have absolutely no need for another set of French Napoleonic line infantry but these are so nice I might be tempted anyway...

Re: Nearly there

As far as I know the fusiliers never wore two belts crossed...and it's a shame because at the other hand....are excellent figures...

Re: Nearly there

I learn something everyday and sometimes it is fundamental stuff that I have been mistaken about for ages--thanks Erik.

I'll try to use the excuses that the differences between flank and centre companies are generally mentioned in terms of colours, epaulettes, sword and plume and I had presumed that the second belt carried the bayonet for the fusiliers and sword and bayonet for the gren./volt.--ideas reinforced by the figures of the 60s–80s with their double-belts (which provide flexibility for a greater range of representations). Add to this the tendency for images to show men of the flank companies or NCOs. All pitiful excuses, of course!

Interesting how one (perhaps I am the only one?) can be aware and perhaps even recount differences in piping, pocket flaps and such but miss something so BIG. Most salutary...

(I wonder what have these fellows done then?

For me, these lovely figures--and they are beautifully sculpted--still look most like fusiliers with their gaiters, shoulder straps, uncovered shako with pompom. Perhaps these two are intended to be NCOs?! If not, it would seem to be good, if possible, to remove the belt running from top left as we look at the figure. We have a plethora of sets with two belts which make them fine or okay for the wargames table where general effect is the name of the game or for conversions or representations as other units.


Re: Nearly there

Nothing new here I'm afraid, for years manufacturers have been getting it wrong, despite instant information via the internet. What with double cross belts for French fusiliers or short tails with high waisted lapels, or British knapsacks having side pockets, or Prussian infantry having their kit on the wrong side. Cavalry saddles don't fare any better in many cases but we have to put up with what we get or we end up doing without.

Re: Nearly there--haversack

I'm still intrigued by this having seen fusiliers represented with two belts, those re-enactors as a case in point, so I have kept hunting.

If carrying a haversack it was slung over the right shoulder...?

Re: Nearly there

Hi everyone,
I am really confused because the sculpture is superb but I can't guess what are they representing ?
Any help?

Re: Nearly there

These guys look like they might be French Young Guard Infantry circa 1809-1812. Paul K

Re: Nearly there


Basically one belt carries the bayonet and cartridge case and worn by all.

Second cross belt carries the sabre and was the preserve of NCOs, Elite Companies and Guard units pre 1815. The Young Guard in 1815 did nt get a sabre neither did number elite companies.

Backpack had two straps

Often a water bottle carried with thin strap running alongside one of the cross belts

So these figs could only be line NCOs or potentially pre 1814 Young Guard not all of which had the full epulettes

Would prefer a set of French Fusilers ie with one belt.

The figures look fantastic.