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Jap type 38 field gun

Delighted to finally see this done, well done Strelets.

Re: Jap type 38 field gun

The gun and crew both look great! The crew is of a good size and in appropriate poses. I
only hope you will make US Marine artillery to oppose them!

Re: Jap type 38 field gun

Hooray - added to the "to buy" list!

I thought Strelets were going to add a shield but I mistook the two recoil cylinders in front of the axle for pegs to hold a shield.

The sight and therefore the layer seems to have been on the left (looking from the crew position) and the breech operator to the right so I will try and place my gunners different than in Strelets' picture.

A walkaround - and box art inspiration:

Re: Jap type 38 field gun

Just really an Amazing set!!... for me one of the bests by Strelets.

Re: Jap type 38 field gun


Re: Jap type 38 field gun

I have seen photo`s without the shield , but with one seems far more common. In fact the one`s without may even be incomplete guns.