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Re: I can't be bothered

"Paint or Die" Luvit Lol

Seriously bettween painting projects try reading "Our Friends Beneath the Sands" probably the best book on the subject...


Re: I can't be bothered

It's interesting... my journey into collecting, painting & wargaming started about 30 years ago, when my parents bought me two boxes of Esci figures (French Imperial Guard and Prussian/Austrian Infantry).
Although I have collected a full large shoe box of Napoleonic figures in my youth, today I have actually no interest in Napoleonics whatsoever. I may look at pics of newly released Nap figs just to see the sculpting and poses quality, but that's it, they live me cold as a French bayonet in the Russian winter.
I also have limited interest in anything pre 1450 and zero for post WW2.

But it's amazing how a good book or a documentary can grab you and pull into a new historical period. Recently I'm in full ACW mode... a conflict, that never really grabbed me before.

Re: I can't be bothered

Napoleonics just leaves me cold. Not bothered about ACW. WWI Western front doesn't do anything for me. However, a book or a film or set of figures can grab my attention. Never followed up on it but the closest I came to Napoleonics was when sets for the war of 1812 became available - especially the native Americans.

Re: I can't be bothered

No interest in fantasy , pre 1800 , ECW and Jacobite excepted , WW2 Eastern front , anything Ottoman , far East WW2 excepted , and many others, however any campaign featuring British and commonwealth troops makes my ears ***** up.

Re: I can't be bothered

My only interest is Napoleonic. I have painted other periods for friends including both world wars and medieval but it didn't grab me. But I can understand other people's passion for their particular period. I just hope that the few remaining holes in the Napoleonic range will soon be plugged, for my sake, as well as attention given to other more neglected periods

Re: I can't be bothered

I am quite a passionate collector, painter & gamer using 1/72 figures.I embrace several periods from Bronze Age to WW2; from Dark Ages to SYW.
But there are periods which leave me cold.

Please note: I am not claiming any sanctity for my views. They are merely idiosyncratic opinions.It is also not an indictment of figure ranges or manufacturers. I want every manufacturer to flourish & I applaud their efforts.

But to begin.....

Medieval? Blah! Knights in shining armour don't shine for me.

ACW? I have two small forces but I am famous in our group for declaring, "I've painted my last ACW figure." The uniforms just don't grab me.

Foreign Legion? I really want to love this period but if their motto was "Paint or Die", I think I'd choose death.

That's mostly it. I hope this didn't offend anyone. A single opinion doesn't count for much.

Feel free to respond & tell me why I'm crazy or to add in periods you don't like.
No you are not crazy - its called the freedom of choice! As they say one mans meat is another mans (are we allowed to use this word?) poison.

I for one cannot fathom why so many modellers and reinactors get so obsessed about the forces of that 'little man with the bad breathe.'. However, the last time I made such a comment I was denounced as a troll! However, if that is their bag so be it!

I can buy upteen models of tanks and jet aircraft that never existed (and would never have been built! )while so many mass produced Allied pieces of equipment will never see the light of day. Sets of third Reich cavalry yes, BEF 1939-43 no.

With the exception of the above I welcome all new sets from the different periods. Yes I will not be buying Napoleonic or ACW etc but my best wishes to those who get pleasure from these periods. As for the FFL I probably will buy the FFL marching set for the Lewis gunner alone.

So what do I want? Well Strelet is already producing what I want - things that are unusual and interesting and which are enjoyable to paint.

Re: I can't be bothered


I have tried to get interested in it - and have dabbled with WW1 aircraft, ships and tanks, but over all it has no interest for me.

Pretty much anything else if fair game, last night I played Undead vs Men of the West, I've got 1/300th scale ships on order, and Red Box Post-Apoc figures in the painting queue.

Just can't get bothered about the Great War.

Re: I can't be bothered

I collect almost everything from Sumerians through modern day US forces with TWO exceptions:

- The Far East: Samurai/Koreans/Chinese/Mongols (through the end of the 19th Century). My interest picks up with the Russo-Japanese War.

- Renaissance through War of Spanish Succession. I've tried really hard to get into ECW and 30YW but just cannot. One day maybe...


Re: I can't be bothered

A very interesting topic and shows how diverse our views are BUT NOT A SINGLE NEGATIVE COMMENT about our respective views. Unfortunately, the opposite happens on so many other site!

Re: I can't be bothered

A very interesting topic and shows how diverse our views are BUT NOT A SINGLE NEGATIVE COMMENT about our respective views. Unfortunately, the opposite happens on so many other site!
In the early days of collecting, I ,like most others, bought everything on offer.

I guess one of the benefits of having so many sets from so many historical periods is that you can be a little more choosy.

Re: I can't be bothered

This is a picture of my entire WWII collection:

My Dad's ship in 1:1250 scale.

I had some Airfix WWII sets when I was a kid, and I like to see what other people do with WWII figures and vehicles but I haven't had a desire to collect them myself and I wouldn't want to start now. There just seems to be such a bewildering number of different tanks and guns, how did they ever keep them all supplied? More ships might be a possibility, but not right now.

Ancients for me means Iron age Britain and the Romans; I can see the interest in Ancient Greeks, Homeric Bronze Age and Egypt; I also have some Sumerians (the grand-daddies of all our figures). But there are ancient armies that I have no idea who they are and I'm happy to stay in ignorance.

Fantasy isn't really my thing. LOTR maybe one day, and I do love to see the posts of a guy on Benno's who's doing great conversions for GOT but the other fantasy figures just don't grab me, Well except for the witch riding a broomstick, vampires, grim reapers, skeleton army and Amazons I have, they're just for fun.

Medievel? Agincourt maybe, otherwise no.

For most things it's not a case of lack of interest, just the fact that I don't need extra periods to cover. Even with Napoleonics, just the Hundred Days is more than enough for me to be getting on with.

Even with subjects I don't want to do myself I'm always happy to see them from other folks, and I like all the different painting/modeling styles and skill levels.