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Re: Question and a very small moan.

Thanks for that I knew about the X mas and have looked at them in the past but obviously didn't pick up on the fact that some are wearing parachutist type uniform. Now to see if I can track them down as I doubt if this was very popular set.

Re: Question and a very small moan.

We can make some sets for the Axis in future, for example, we see a gap with heavy weapons, that remains yet to be filled.

Agreed, although we have some decent infantry sets, there is a noticeable gap when it comes to heavy weapons for the Afrikakorps.

We could do with more & better infantry support weapons (tripod mounted MG 34 and 8cm Granatwerfer 34 with sufficient crews) and a good number of appropriate Landsers manning light to medium artillery and AT- or AA-guns.

As much as Waterloos efforts are appreciated, I would love to see Italian support weapons and light artillery for NA covered by Strelets as well. :wink:

Re: So many smg's

Graham Korn
I've just painted a platoon of Indian infantry for Western desert and they are great but why so many SMGs? I hope that in future sets you include a much higher proportion of the standard issue rifle which was by far the most prevalent weapon.

I'm afraid this is par for the course with all WWII plastic infantry sets, more sub machine guns than were ever made, never mind actually issued to the troops. It's just something we have to accept - a phenomenon known as "Thompson's Curse"