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Re: ACW Figure Paint Schemes

Hi all,

I know several painters visit this forum. I'm finally getting round to painting my ACW figures - could anyone suggest the actual paints that you have actually used for your Union and Confederate brigades for most realistic representation? In particular just the uniform (jacket/coat/tunic and trousers - especially the blues!)...paint manufacturer, colour names/numbers and washes would be most helpful if known/remembered. Thanks in advance!

Vallejo Prussian Blue for Union jackets and kepis
Vallejo Andrea blue for union sky blue trousers

good wash for darker blues are GW's Drakenhof night many different options but from the Vallejo line:
Neutral grey
Light grey
German Uniform Luftwaffe WWII
London grey
sky grey etc

Iraqui sand, tan earth, us field drab for canteens etc
For darker brown I use chocolate brown, leather brown, for leather straps I use mostly red leather. Sometimes mahogany brown forshoes but shoes were normally black.

For white straps to canteen and haversack off white or deck tan are good options.

sorry can't the numbers on top off my head..

Re: ACW Figure Paint Schemes

I use some of the Humbrol matt colors (along with paints from lots of other manufacturers) on my ACW figures: #89 for Union pants and for some Confederate pants and infantry kepis; #119 for dark Confederate butternut; and #64 and #175 for Confederate greys.