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Re: Expensive sets

Thank you Peter, they only send within Germany though. And i need plenty of boxes, still amazing no one has bought it yet?

Did you contact the seller regarding shipment conditions to Sweden?
Shipping within the EU is generally not considered a problem at all.

Other exampels:
(the pikemen are missing though)
(de-sprued already, but otherwise complete it seems)

There are constantly similar offers at

Of course, the ideal solution would be Revell re-releasing their 30YW-range. :wink:
But until this happens, we're not without reasonable options.

Anyway, good luck with your project.
"Reasonable options":

Re: Expensive sets

"Reasonable options"

There is a more appropriate link to a better attended, way more vibrant & impartially moderated forum to extol Donalds wargaming report:

Tumbling Dice figures are not bad for wargaming metals, but Revells 30YW range is still much nicer & easier to handle.
After including shipping costs you end up with a ratio of approximately 0,80 €-Cent per figure.
This may be more favourable than the crazy prices obtained at yesterday, but -as demonstrated repeatedly by now- they are way more expensive than the rather reasonably priced Revell offerings (which contain 47 figures per box) elsewhere in the WWW.

And as the man said, he wants to field quite a number of figures. So the pricing seems to matter in this case.

Re: Expensive sets

I've tried most 30YW and ECW figures in 20mm and 1/72, the Tumblling Dice was nice, but I stopped, glueing heads on just was a chore, and quite frankly they have that metal look of figures with not so good proportions, and expensive. The Zvezda were perfect, but attaching small 1/72 hands with pikes and the large size put me off that brand too. Been thinking of a 3D printed line, if it's possible to use ringhands. The Revell ones were perfect, no assembly and perfect size.

Re: Expensive sets

I was lucky to be sold several sets of the Revell TYW collection at a very nominal price about 4 years ago. These form the basis of my Renaissance wargaming armies.

The ACTA ECW figures are a useful addition as is the Mars figures. One of my Covenanter Horse units is Mars with Tumbling Dice heads....fits in perfectly.

Metals are Tumbling Dice with a few Hinton Hunt, Warrior & others.

My small Parliamentarian army is all plastic, as is half my larger Royalist force. My Covenanters are all metal & I think they match the plastics well. Indeed, I have a Covenanter Dragoon unit with 5 figures per base. All but one figure are TD. The extra figure is ACTA (with a TD head) & I challenge anyone to pick it.