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French Foreign Legion on the March

These look absolutely great, can't wait to get a box. Thank you Strelets for reviving the FFL in 1/72 scale plastic with this set and also your upcoming Rif War and WW2 sets. Every day I'm checking seller websites to see when these Legion sets will be available for pre-order.

March or die!

Re: French Foreign Legion on the March

Also wanted to add that this a very appropriate set for these men. When it came to endurance on the march, few could match the Legion!

Re: French Foreign Legion on the March

I sure hope you make these great looking Legionnaires in the nice Light Blue you used on your Foot Bashi-Bazouks. Perfect for early 1900's in Capote Coats. And the Tan color for the WWII Legionnaires in short pants. I'm hoping to buy lots and lots of boxes of all these sets.

These marching men look perfect to also do guard duty in my Forts. If these guys in Capote Coats are Blue, I can re-inact some great Denfend the Fort battles.

Thank you Strelets' Team for the great Teaser Pictures! - GC

Re: French Foreign Legion on the March

Fantastic looking figures, great level of detail & lifelike poses. :+1:

8 marching poses & 6 riders + their mounts. Compare this to the pathetic number of rubber-gnomes Hät provides in their "marching sets". Just one of the many areas Strelets proves to be up-to-date and far more proactive than many of their competitors. :+1:

Thanks for sharing this great legionnaires. Can't wait to get them now. :sweat_smile:
Hope the upcoming release-batch will make it to the distributors before X-mas!?

Re: French Foreign Legion on the March

Stop it- just stop it. You know I'm weak.

Re: French Foreign Legion on the March

Great! Love it! Hopefully the FFL Heavy Weapons set will be next! :+1: