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Re: Early friday

Devoted to all those, who work hard during a week.
Yes, we certainly are working hard so we can all buy your newest great looking sets. And thank you for the motivation!

Boer War Artillery sets for both sides. Can't wait to see some new Boer Artillerymen. The British artillerymen are OUTSTANDING!

Maybe next year you will consider making a British Infantry Set II this time wearing the cool neck curtain. I really like the Highlanders with neck curtain on their pith helmets and would love to see a Set II Infantry to help fill out the British ranks. For a Set II, I would hope you would hire the same Sculpture you used for the Foreign Legionnaires Early 20th Century with Pith Helmets and Kepis Set. I put a link at the end of this to remind you of the real uniforms still left over from the actual Omdurman Campaign. The men wore these for the movie "The Four Feathers."

Please keep these Boer War new sets coming. This way we will all want to continue working so hard.

Thank you, Strelets Team - GC

P.S. And those French Foreign Legionnaires - MAGNIFICANT!


Re: Early friday

I would like to see a British crew for the Pom-Pom gun also since it was used by both sides.