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Allied Chiefs of Staff (2)

Strelets has recently released several sets with a Napoleonic theme (British Advancing,
Highlanders Advancing, Etc). I'm hoping this will result in them re-releasing their Allied
Chiefs of Staff (2) set with the British and Austrian Staffs. When they began releasing their
new American Civil War sets, they re-released their Confederate Generals set which had been
completely unavailable for years. I think providing us with an opportunity to buy Wellington
and his staff would be a good way for Strelets to increase interest for their new Napoleonic

Re: Allied Chiefs of Staff (2)

If for some reason it isn't possible to re-issue the old sets it would be great if a second version set could be made in the newer style so they would match the newer figures. Just saying... ;-)

Re: Allied Chiefs of Staff (2)

Mounted would be good...