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Re: WW2 Poles

Word about the presumable FtF cavalry goes around for the last 2 years at least.
Happy to hear that they seem to be approaching now. :+1:

FtF's output may not be great, but really decent though.
Everything that helps to replace the awful Hät blobs is highly welcomed anyway. :smile:

Nevertheless, I still think that Strelets should add some polish sets to their WWII range.
If carried out in the recent sculpting style, I would buy 1939 Poles in numbers. :smiley:

- Polish Infantry (mainly rifle squad, NCO/officer & 1 submachine gun or light machine gun)
- Polish support weapons (heavy MG & mortar, officer/NCO)
- Polish cavalry (mounted)

... later we can talk about more artillery crews and mountain troops... :sweat_smile: