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Dear Strelets
I don't know if you can answer this but here we go. If you could please pass along to the guys at Dark Alliance that I would love to see some Aliens added to their fantasy range. I think they would complement the range wonderfully. If you cant pass this along, I understand. If nothing else please tell me where I can contact them. The other question, is there any way you guys could produce a heavy weapons set for the WWII FFL. Namely anti-tank and Mortars. I think they would really sell good. Hope some of the other guys on here agree. I love how you guys break the sets up. It is excellent. Thanks in advance and Happy Halloween from the Old North State.

Re: Questions

I think the Dark Alliance guys read this forum and I'm sure they got great ideas as to where they next.
BTW just got their new sets and they great - especially the stalkers. I'd be happy to see aliens but that's a very broad request, what does an alien look like. My own wish would be futuristic infantry, sort of space marine type stuff, futuristic law enforcement and I'd love to see biker gangs. Apologies to Strelets for hijacking their site but I would sayvthat DA are not direct competitors.

Re: Questions

I agree. I just ordered those sets for me and my kids. I guess they could model them on the "greys" or the ones from the movie franchise. Might have to go through trademarks though. There is a good book to get some ideas from that Osprey put out a couple of years ago. Perhaps that may provide an avenue.