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Re: WW2 Poles

Afaik, there are only some resin figures available so far.



Excellent call by the way, although the polish cavalry actually never rode that "famous" charge vs. german armoured units, they were a numerous & essential element of polish forces in 1939.
Would definitely buy a set or two if Strelets would consider this subject. :+1:

Re: WW2 Poles

I’m with you on the topic. Pegasus had some uhlans planned, but Pegasus seems to have stopped their 1/72 offensive, which is a real pity. I am eagerly awaiting First To Fight to give us some polish cavalry, which were after all mounted infantry, using the horse only for rapid deployment. They had cavalry boots and not the infantry gaiters. And then there is the 10th cavalry brigade, for which we have all the vehicles already, but not the fighting men, with their distinctive WWI german helmets and long overcoats. FTF might(?) bring us those brave fighters, but even if they do, there is still space for a dedicated set of dismounted cavalry in action. With Strelets going for more obscure subjects that have a high convertability for mainstream actors (WWI blue army, WWII NZ...), I hope they would consider this topic. And then there is the issue of french WWII troops wearing the specific helmet for armoured troops (motorcycle troops- oops, no french motorcycles when they were many, armor crews, dragons portee)...

Re: WW2 Poles

First to Fight will do Polish Cavalry. I read a few days ago on another forum that the moulds for this set are ready so hopefully will be released in 2019 !

Re: WW2 Poles

Word about the presumable FtF cavalry goes around for the last 2 years at least.
Happy to hear that they seem to be approaching now. :+1:

FtF's output may not be great, but really decent though.
Everything that helps to replace the awful Hät blobs is highly welcomed anyway. :smile:

Nevertheless, I still think that Strelets should add some polish sets to their WWII range.
If carried out in the recent sculpting style, I would buy 1939 Poles in numbers. :smiley:

- Polish Infantry (mainly rifle squad, NCO/officer & 1 submachine gun or light machine gun)
- Polish support weapons (heavy MG & mortar, officer/NCO)
- Polish cavalry (mounted)

... later we can talk about more artillery crews and mountain troops... :sweat_smile: