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Diorama Backdrop

I bought some nice backdrop photos from a model railroad source years ago and never figured out a good way to attach them to my table.(Desert,Medieval castle,desert and WW1 battlefield). Does anyone have suggestions?



Re: Diorama Backdrop

Bulldog clips.

Re: Diorama Backdrop

Use blue masking tape to attach it to foamcore presentation board. Fold the tape back on itself to make a two sided tape. Tape it to the foamcore presentation board. The presentation board can stand up on it's own.,store:16280425321798055472&prds=oid:7547751532872777094&q=foam+core+presentation+board&hl=en&ei=vFKwW76-H4vVzgLTyq_oBg&lsft=gclid:EAIaIQobChMI7OXZ0_Ph3QIVkpOzCh1rmwPxEAQYAyABEgIgbPD_BwE

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