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Re: More Ancient stuff

Couldn´t agree more ! The cupboard looks rather bare at the moment so I hope Strelets will surprise us with some new sets soon... there´s plenty still to do...

Re: More Ancient stuff

I agree that there is plenty still to do, and Strelets does ancient and medieval so well.

Look how quickly the Normans and Vikings flew off the shelves when they were reissued.

I would welcome an expansion into a widening of the early ancient near east period started by Caesar miniatures to supplement those ranges.


Re: More Ancient stuff

If we are looking at ancient/medieval then I would love Strelets to cover the Byzantines. A medieval Byzantine set would be very complementary for Normans and Muslim forces. What I'd also really like to see is some dedicated Pictish and Irish sets, both of which look very distinctly different from other Dark Age warriors.