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Rednecks & Survivors

RedBox's next 2 fantasy sets are up on their site. We've all seen the pix of The Rednecks. I was very surprised to see that the survivors are also heavily armed! Not at all what I was expecting. It'll be interesting to see what the rest look like?

Re: Rednecks & Survivors

I don't know anything about Zombies. Are survivors regular people or zombies? It's hard to tell in this small picture. Will these look like zombies or regular people? The only use I MAY have for them would be to use them as militia, a la Fortress America.

Re: Rednecks & Survivors

they are humans.some of the survivor set looks to be based on characters from the walking dead.

Stalkers 1

First set of Stalkers is up. Not what I expected or was told they'd be? Pretty cool & interesting especially one female that looks very much like Lara Croft!