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Re: Camelgate

Nice one, Pa! Yes, indeed Muybridge also proved that camels are not only the oddest looking of animals but in fact the perfect pantomime animal that should replace horses immediately! Let's get this campaign a-rollin'...

Re: Camelgate

...oops, not a political scandal involving camels but, prompted by PSR's latest review on the Strelets' Turkish Camel Corps: a post on how camels walk or CAMEL GAIT.

"Giraffes and camels have a distinctive pacing gait in which they move both legs on the same side of the body at the same time (both right legs, then both left legs). ... A giraffe's gallop involves both back legs swinging in front of the front legs on each stride."

This might be useful if Strelets ever decide to release a set of Giraffe-mounted infantry (how would you ever dismount safely?)
If anyone wants to see what camels look like in an actual battle setting, the link below is just for the battle scene from "The Four Feathers, Battle of Omdurman."

Sorry, but you'll have to COPY, and PASTE into your browser above.

BTW, the subject name "Camelgate" or "Camelgait" still has me laughing. It really is one of the most clever subject names for any thread I've ever read.