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Re: Cresout Long Tom with Boer Crew

So glad to hear this artillery piece will be in soft plastic. With a 1-piece barrel and a carriage small enough and intended to be pulled by bulls not much longer than a limber with animals, thank you!

The larger WWI Siege Cannons can maybe benefit from hard plastic with 2-piece barrels and so many tiny, detailed add-ons that must have glue.

I will always prefer soft plastic for all except for some forts (Airfix Fort Sahara) and all tanks.

Remember, Atlanic had a whole range of Ancient War Ships and Artillery. They pressed together fine, and didn't droop if you kept them off of hot window sills.

So again, Strelets - Thank you!

Re: Cresout Long Tom with Boer Crew

Have to agree with GC - soft plastic will do for kits with low parts count and perfectly fitting parts, while the more complex kits require hard plastic and glue.

Great to see them coming. Wondering which crew will go with the 220 Schneider mortar?