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Re: marching napoleonic prussians set

It would be great if this set was released in the next lot,& even better if there were at ease & in attack sets to keep it company.
On Prussian sets it looks like H** have not included there marching Prussians in the upcoming restocks it is releasing, could be good for strelets if you release them sooner rather than later

Re: marching napoleonic prussians set

Happy to join you gents in asking/hoping that this set (and the others that you have asked for) sees/see the light of day soon!


Re: marching napoleonic prussians set

Dear sansovino,

We don't usually announce new lots before they are ready for shipment.
Prussians are on priorities list.
Their subsequent fate depends on the sales generated by the initial set.
Please, be guided accordingly.
Best regards,


Re: marching napoleonic prussians set


The three of us, and many others I am sure, will snap them up! :grinning:

Re: marching napoleonic prussians set

Dear Strelets, many thanks for your response. I am sure, that your first prussian set will been a success and we will see still more prussians.. There are many collectors who are waiting for them - don´t waste to much time ....

Re: marching napoleonic prussians set

I would guess that the Prussian sets will outsell the imperial guard sets by quite a large margin.
There are quite a few of pretty good imperial guard sets available & a lot less Prussian infantry that are up to scratch or available.
I think it would be a good idea to not to release all the guards sets you have planned in one go but spread them over a few releases, say with a Prussian & maybe a French line set at well & see how well they sell first.

Re: marching napoleonic prussians set

Unfortunately for Strelets, my Prussian Infantry are already complete. However my Prussian Artillery could do with some Limbers and caissons if you were so inclined