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Re: 8th Army heavy weapons set.

Well, I'm rather sad to report only 2 of my Bren machine gunners made it through, just like Alan's box. And like Alan previously mentioned, it appears the other 2 chaps were cut off from their sprues (with a rather noticeable and odd gap). Also, those two "cut" sprues appeared to be in a different orientation in the box compared to the 2 "uncut" sprues suggesting to me that whoever filled the box may have grabbed sprues from two different batches?

Re: 8th Army heavy weapons set.

Dear Alan,

The mould was damaged beyond repairs right on the place where this specific figure was, hence we had to cut it out.
As a result, this set was issued with a very limited production run. We will try to go round this problem in some way but it may well be, that no subsequent re-releades will be made.
Please, be guided accordingly.

Best regards,